Images and Logos

Images and Logos

A welder uses a Flextec® 350X by Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. announces the promotion of David J. Nangle to Executive Vice President of Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. 

Lincoln Electric® offers a stylish helmet in its VIKING™ 3350 Series named Born To Weld™. 

The POWER MIG® 260 offers superior welding performance and a multitude of professional features, setting the standard for MIG and Flux-Cored welding in light industrial shop fabrication, maintenance and repair work.

Lincoln Electric’s Mobiflex® 400-MS is a self-cleaning welding fume extraction and filtration system designed to extend filter life and reduce maintenance for users. 

Lincoln Electric is committed to supporting current and future welders, offering a variety of welding workshops and seminars. 

Lincoln Electric's VIKING 3250D Welding Helmet features an Integrated Flip-Up Grind Shield to increase the operator’s field of view in both open and closed positions. 

Lincoln Electric celebrated the grand opening of its new Welding Technology & Training Center in Cleveland.

Lincoln Electric introduces Blueprint Reading, a new educational offering from U/LINC.

Lincoln Electric's new LEEPS program supports welding instructors at every level – from junior high school to technical college and beyond. 

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