Images and Logos

Images and Logos

A welder uses a Flextec® 350X by Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric’s Mobiflex® 400-MS is a self-cleaning welding fume extraction and filtration system designed to extend filter life and reduce maintenance for users. 

Lincoln Electric is committed to supporting current and future welders, offering a variety of welding workshops and seminars. 

Lincoln Electric's VIKING 3250D Welding Helmet features an Integrated Flip-Up Grind Shield to increase the operator’s field of view in both open and closed positions. 

Lincoln Electric celebrated the grand opening of its new Welding Technology & Training Center in Cleveland.

Lincoln Electric introduces Blueprint Reading, a new educational offering from U/LINC.

Lincoln Electric's new LEEPS program supports welding instructors at every level – from junior high school to technical college and beyond. 

Lincoln Electric experts offered educational sessions on proper techniques using the GTAW process to weld lightweight materials at its annual Motorsports Welding Seminar.  

Lincoln Electric hosted its annual Advanced Motorsports Welding Seminar at the company’s world headquarters in Cleveland. 

Lincoln Electric’s Teaching Aid Toolbox

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