Images and Logos

Images and Logos

A welder uses a Flextec® 350X by Lincoln Electric


Steven B. Hedlund, Executive Vice President and President of the International Welding segment. 

The Future of Welding Summit participants learn the latest welding technologies and education tools.

The Welding Summit program was designed to help educators understand how manufacturing and contractor technology is changing and also familiarize them with the latest technologies used in the welding industry. 

College of the Canyons

Training courses offered through Lincoln Electric's Welding School and Technical Training department. 

VIKING 3350 Hot Rodders Welding Helmet

Representatives from Lincoln Electric and other companies working on constrcution of the new Welding Technology Center participated in a beam-signing ceremony. 

Crews placed the final beam of Lincoln Electric's new Welding Technology Center on Feb. 8, completing the structural frame of the building.

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